Hospital information

Hospital information

1941: Healthcare started at Moo 1, Ongkharak Subdistrict, with 2nd floor midwives stationed all along. Has duties on the midwife And a little illness and began to grow continuously. Later, there was a regular health worker until the nurse was stationed.

In 1967 (March 1, 1967), the Ministry of Public Health was promoted from sanitation to a first-class health station, the Department of Health later sent doctors on a regular basis and there were more and more staff, along with faithful people raising the land. 9 rai to be a first-class health center construction site and received a budget from the Eastern Development budget at that time with the normal budget of the Department of Health of 250,000 baht to build a first-class health center Which is a building under stilts Prescribed to receive patients for treatment, the number of 10 beds and has been operating since the year 1970.

Year 1978 (1 September 1978) was changed from a first class health center. Is the Ongkharak community hospital Prescribed to receive patients for treatment of 10 beds using the same first-class sanitation facilities.

2525 The hospital asked for cooperation from merchants, people and faithful people to jointly raise money. And building materials to build buildings for inpatients Royal Panya Kosol Building This is a 2-storey reinforced concrete building, 21 meters wide, 36 meters long, which can accommodate 30 patients on each floor. There are 10 special rooms with 70 beds in total and there is also a meeting room. The construction was completed in 1984, total construction cost approximately 2 million baht.

1985, the Ministry of Public Health has approved its status as a 30-bed community hospital.

1986, the Ministry of Public Health has allocated a budget of 7 million baht for the construction of a new outpatient building, a house with a kitchen, a washing house, a staff house. High water tank tower for waterworks Within the hospital and power plant and later in the year 1987, received a donation of 7 rai 1 square wah for the expansion of the business and in 1988 the Ministry of Public Health allocated budget for the construction of the hospital fence. In summary, now located in an area of ​​16 rai

1993, the Ministry of Public Health has approved its status as a 60-bed community hospital.

1998 Inpatient building in the same building Has collapsed Demolition is required And constructing a new building to replace Through cooperation with the building fundraising committee for inpatient buildings and merchants, the public received a donation of approximately 4 million baht and received a budget of approximately 10 million baht from the Ministry of Public Health for the construction of a new replacement building. The hospital received royal grace from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Siam Boromrajakumari His Highness gave the name of the new building that Rattanarat Suda Upatham Building And His Highness opened the building on November 21, 2000