Diabetes Millitus

Diabetes Millitus
It is a popular health problem that we often hear each other. As a result of 2-3 million Thai people with diabetes and the trend continues to increase.
With diabetes ranks fifth among the diseases that threaten Thai people Found in all ages, with middle aged 40 years and over had the highest rate
Many other people with diabetes are unaware. Causing neglect to correct health care This means that the patient has allowed the disease to spread until it may
Can lead to serious complications
So today let’s explore whether you are in the risk of diabetes or not. While understanding this diabetes correctly
Diabetes is caused by a malfunction of the body with insufficient production of the hormone “insulin hormone” (Insulin), resulting in high blood sugar levels.
This type of hormone is responsible for helping the body burn sugar for energy. When the insulin in the body is not enough, the blood sugar is higher than normal.
But the body is unable to use blood sugar efficiently, resulting in high blood sugar levels. What causes diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease that has not yet been cured. And is a genetic disease In which children with diabetic parents are likely to develop diabetes. Up to 50% higher than normal people, which in addition to genetics, environment, eating Way of life Exercise Are all involved
Important for the development of diabetes as well Type of diabetes The cause can be divided into two main types: 1. It is a less common type. But with high intensity and danger
Caused by the body’s immune response to the insulin production of the pancreas. Causing the body to stop making insulin or to make very little, often found in children
And people under the age of 20 years, but it may be found in some older people. Symptoms will develop rapidly. Patients will be quite thin. So patient Type 1 diabetes requires insulin injections. For long-term control of blood sugar If insulin treatment is lacking, there is a chance of complications.
Acute type 2. Is the most common type of diabetes. Most are found in the age over 30 years.
Caused by insulin resistance (heredity and environment), the pancreas is still able to make insulin but is not working properly. Therefore not enough for
Body needs Therefore having leftover sugar can become diabetes Symptoms develop gradually or have no symptoms at all.
Patients can be obese or normal and often have a clear family history of diabetes.
Initial symptoms of diabetes

People with diabetes will have initial symptoms which are

  1. The patient will have frequent urination symptoms. Frequent thirst Weight loss
  2. Symptoms suspected of having diabetes complications such as blurred vision, slow healing wounds, urinary tract infection. Or skin often
  3. Numbness has no feeling. Since diabetes will damage the nerves and degrade the ability of the senses to deteriorate.
    Recommendations for self-care of people with diabetes
  4. Diabetes is a chronic disease. Which, if seriously treated May return to life like normal people
    But if the treatment is not good enough, it may be dangerous from complications as well.
  5. Diet Weight control For those with a lot of weight in the case of not much If you can do these things, you may recover from diabetes without medication. However, patients should choose to eat the following foods.

• Reduce your intake of sugary foods and desserts of all kinds. Including sweet fruit, soft drinks, even if the blood sugar level is normal, it should be a diet forever.
• Reduce the intake of fatty foods such as fried foods, pork legs turn to protein, milk, eggs, as well as eating vegetables and fruits.
That is not sweeter
• Choose foods that are rich in fiber to aid in better bowel movements.
• Avoid eating fussy meals and not on time.
• If you have symptoms related to kidney disease or high blood pressure as well Avoid foods that are salty.

  1. Exercise regularly. But not to overdo it, such as walking, running, cycling, doing exercise, etc.